Adrian Hughes

Adrian Hughes is Gateway's current Junior Board President.  She first learned about Gateway when she was working for AmSouth Bank more than 10 years ago, and her department sponsored a Christmas angel. She later started adopting an angel on her own and coordinated angel adoptions for her husband’s office and Girl Scout troop. Adrian loved the feeling of helping make a child’s Christmas wishes come true through the Gateway angel program and decided that once her children were school age that she wanted to become more involved in helping children in need more than just at Christmastime.  She has always enjoyed working with children and teenagers and thinks every child deserves to have a chance to experience the carefree fun of childhood and the opportunity to become whatever they desire. The Junior Board activities provide the teens in the residential program an escape from their everyday problems and allow the teens to act like ordinary kids!

Her favorite activity that the Junior Board participates in is decorating the residential youth's cottages for Christmas. The Junior Board puts up trees, helps each of the youth decorate the doors to their room, and then gives each cottage a fun group gift. This past Christmas, Adrian was decorating a Christmas tree with one of the youth, and she told Adrian that despite what her family members said, she knew that she had people that loved and supported her because the Junior Board was there to help make her Christmas brighter and take her to do fun activities. 

Seeing a smile on one of the teen’s faces after hearing some of the stories about how difficult their life has been makes Adrian want to come back year after year. Hope that she and the Junior Board can bring a little joy in and potentially make a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small, has inspired her to want to continue to help Gateway in any way that she can!

Adrian currently works at Regions Investment Management as an Economist and Energy Analyst.  She and her husband have two children, a nine-year old daughter and seven-year old son, who occupy most of their time. Adrian is also a Girl Scout Leader and a member of the CFA Society of Alabama Board. She is active in her church, St. Francis Xavier, and with the PTO at her children’s school. Adrian also enjoys snow skiing and singing in her free time!

Gateway thanks Adrian and the rest of the Junior Board for the great impact they make each year on the lives of youth in crisis.

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