Barbara Green

 "I have been working at Gateway for 18 years. Before Gateway, I worked in the restaurant business for 22 years.  The hours were very long but still I wanted to be in customer service so I came to Gateway in 1985 helping with the paperwork in the kitchen and cottage checks. About 14 years ago I was given the title of purchasing agent. Wow! What a surprise was it to me that I had to buy the uniforms without the kids being with me and even better yet to buy bathing suits without them! After the first time I got down to a science so I very seldom have to exchange anything and I love bargains! This year I got some $118.00  and $99.00 bathing suits for $9.99  Macy’s.  Boy was I happy! I can’t wait to give them out next year. I use coupons all the time at Walmart and at the Dollar Tree and I make them match the ad on washing powders and cleaning supplies every time. When I get the best for the youth and young adults we serve, I don't know who is happier, them or me! All I know is that I am very blessed to be around so many great people and clients at my service at Gateway."

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Birmingham, AL 35205
Gateway Family Resource Center
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Gateway Residential / Day Treatment Center
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