Carol White

Carol White is currently the Clinical Supervisor for Gateway's Family Counseling Birmingham Program as well as the Director of Gateway's Community Connections Program.  She has been a part of the Gateway family for over 22 years!

Family Counseling Birmingham (FCB) is an outpatient therapy office, providing outpatient counseling services to children teens and adults, as well as family therapy and couples therapy.

Community Connections is a community based program that provides prevention services. The staff run substance abuse prevention groups, and safe dating groups in area middle and highschools. In addition , they provide an after school/summer program in the community of Midfield, and collaborate with community and school leaders to promote awareness of the dangers of, and prevent underage alcohol and drug use.

Ms. White has always worked in the outpatient counseling office, but with a variety of duties over the years. She started out as a full time therapist and then moved into a clinical supervisory role, and then added administrative duties as Gateway expanded.

After getting her master’s degree in counseling, Ms. White worked at an organization that provided services for mothers and children who were HIV positive. One of her duties was to speak to community groups regarding our program and the Executive Director of Family and Child Services (old name for Gateway) happened to be present during one of her presentations. As she and Ms. White talked, she told her that Gateway needed an outpatient therapist.  Ms. White applied and the rest is history.

Ms. White's favorite thing about Gateway is her colleagues. They have worked together for 15 or more years, and she believes that they offer an outstanding service to those who might not be able to afford to go to a private practice. Ms. White feels passionate about providing meaningful clinical training and supervision. She still loves being a part of the process … witnessing clients and staff and programs become more whole and thriving.

In Community Connections, Ms. White loves learning something new, and the creative potential of expanding the program. She also enjoys being a part of a program that is designed to teach kids about respecting themselves and others…whether through drug and alcohol prevention, learning about healthy dating relationships, or standing up against bullying. Empathy and respect, towards one self and towards others, are two of the most valuable lessons we can teach.

Ms. White most appreciates being supported in her role as a parent through time off, and flexible hours, and an understanding of kids with special needs. She also greatly appreciates the specific people at Gateway that have believed in her abilities and have encouraged her to develop and use her strengths.

Carol White graduated from Samford University with a BA in psychology and then from UAB with a master’s in counseling. She has 25 years of experience as a therapist, is also a massage therapist, and a fan of yoga, and believes whole heartedly in the connection between mind, body and spirit. 

She and her partner were foster parents and have two daughters that they adopted as infants, who are now 19 and 23. 

Black and white photography is her art form…She is an excellent photographer and has donated prints over the years to Gateway's Off the Wall fundraiser and for display throughout the building.  She likes projects…art projects, home projects, gardening projects…

She is a treasured member of the Gateway staff and we are so glad to have her on our team!

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