Caroline Ross

Caroline Ross is the Program Director for Gateway's Independent Living Program (ILP) and has worked at Gateway for over 17 years.  When she initially came to Gateway, she was a therapist in the Crisis Cottage. This was a program that was developed by Gateway and the Family Court of Jefferson County to provide 72 hour stays for youth who are having issues with their families. During the 72 hours, brief therapy was done and information and referrals were also provided. Caroline Ross has also been an intake worker and then the clinical director for Gateway's Residential Program, as well as a program director for the Family and Child Specialist Division.  She has been has been our ILP Director for six (6) years.

She says she came to Gateway primarily looking for the ability to grow clinically and also because she wanted to be in a leadership role.  When Ms. Ross first came to Gateway, she was a young mother and says that the family friendly environment made her stay year after year, even though she commutes one hour back and forth daily. Another thing she likes about Gateway is the ability to grow professionally and opportunity for leadership roles. She says "I feel like I am living a dream because seeing children and families happy and whole have been my life work. What I have enjoyed the most about working here is seeing adults come back who were once clients saying how ILP or residential helped them."

Ms. Ross is an avid reader of Christian books and Bible history and also loves gardening. In addition to her wonderful work at Gateway, Ms. Ross is also an assistant pastor at her church where she gets the opportunity to preach occasionally as well as teach a women’s and children’s Sunday School Class.

Caroline Ross is a fantastic part of our Gateway team and we truly appreciate the difference she's making in the lives of our agency's clients!

 You can learn more about Gateway's Independent Living Program (ILP) by clicking here!


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