Carolyn Hall

Carolyn Hall has worked for Gateway for nearly 5 years, starting in 2010 when she interned with the Wraparound program. She says she was fortunate that a position was available after she completed her degree. She is currently the Family Child Specialist with Gateway's Shelby Wraparound Program.  The Wraparound Program provides in-home services to families at risk of fragmenting, or who have already suffered substantial fragmentation, due to allegations of child abuse or neglect. The children are at significant risk of being placed either temporarily or permanently away from their families—a devastating outcome for both parents and children. WRAP gets its name from its individualized services that “wrap around” the entire family. 

Ms. Hall also worked for Gateway's Therapeutic Foster Care program for 6 months and says that she has the utmost respect for those workers because of the difficult work they do.

Ms. Hall says that she wanted to work at Gateway because, as a student at the University of Montevallo, Gateway was highly recommended as being a great place to learn during a practicum placement.  In addition, when she made the decision to pursue a career in Social Work, family reunification and preservation was the area in which she wanted to work in the most. Shelby Wraparound program’s sole purpose is to do just that.  Gateway's Wraparound program has such a high success rate with helping families move past adversity and, at times, long histories of DHR involvement.  Ms. Hall says that one of the great things about working at Gateway Shelby County is her co-workers. She says, "They are a large part of my self-care; my support professionally and my comic relive in those difficult days on the job. Working with Shelby Wraparound has provided me with many great memories with the families I work with. The resiliency of all the children will stay with me throughout my life. There was a case in which a father was working to gain custody of two young girls, one in which was not biological his child. This father’s love completely over shadowed that fact. The children were able to move under his care and thrive in his home. I will never forget the role I had in that family’s life."

When Ms. Hall is not working, she prefers to be with family or in the woods. She says that hiking and camping provide her with a great release from the “day to day”.

Gateway is proud and thankful to have Carolyn Hall as a part of its great team!


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