Gateway Employment Benefits

Group Medical Insurance

As an employee of Gateway, you and your dependents enjoy options for quality health care protection at an affordable cost. You have two health care options available so that you may choose the plan that best meets the needs of you and your family. To assist you with the cost of medical coverage, Gateway pays 75% of the cost for single and 65% of the cost for 2-party and family coverage. Your medical coverage provides a wide range of valuable protection including hospital, surgical, major medical, dental, vision and prescription drug benefits.

Group Life and Long Term Disability Insurance

The Agency provides group life insurance based on the eligible employee's annual base salary. The life insurance amount is one(1) times the employee's annual salary rounded to the next $1,000 for individuals under age 65 and prorated for those over age 65. Eligible employees under age 69 who become totally disabled by bodily injury, sickness or disease while insured under this policy and remain disabled for a period of 90 consecutive days will be eligible to receive disability benefits. The basic benefit amount is 60% of the individual's base salary.

Flexible Benefits Plan

The flexible benefits plan allows you to tax-shelter premium payments for health insurance. You may elect to participate in this benefit at the time of hire, during open enrollment season or after a qualifying event. The plan also allows employees to be reimbursed on a tax-sheltered basis for eligible medical, dental, and dependent care expenses.

403 (B) Plan

Gateway's 403(b) Retirement Plan is available to employees who have completed one full year of service and have worked 1,000 hours. Upon meeting eligibility requirements, the agency contributes 5% of your annual base salary and an additional $.50 match for each employee contributed dollar up to 2%.


Residential Life Staff and Supervisors that escort residential clients to meals are authorized to eat. This benefit could value as much as an additional $1,560.00 annually (260 days x 2 x $3.00 a meal).

Leave Bank

Employees accrue leave time from their first completed pay period of employment. You may retain a maximum of 500 hours in your leave bank as of 12/31 each year. Leave may be used for any purpose determined by you with supervisory approval. Leave is accrued at the following rate:
00-36 months of service 6 hours per pay period
37-60 months of service 8 hours per pay period
60+ months of service 10 hours per pay period

Miscellaneous Benefits

Other benefits available to Gateway employees are: direct deposit, credit union and Sam's Club memberships.

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