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Pathway to 2025!

Every day it is an honor to play a small part in Gateway’s big track record of positive influence. Our agency has been able to serve children and families for 125 years, because we have identified change and swiftly adapted with the help of powerful community support.

As many of you know, our Board of Directors recognized how much our field and our clients’ needs were changing. We knew that we needed a bold plan to enable us to shift with today’s challenges, meet the new needs of clients, and develop game-changing solutions for children and families.

Today the Gateway team is especially grateful for each of you, because after months of brainstorming, envisioning, conversing, collaborating and using your input, Gateway Family Architects, Pathway to 2025 is ready to be presented and implemented.

The results of collective genius have amazed us, and I hope you are just as proud. I am confident that Gateway’s new direction will move the needle for our children, families, and communities. We are ready to trailblaze an unforged path, and the work will be well worth it when we meet the increased, changing needs of Alabama families.

Below you will find a short Prezi outlining Gateway's new vision, mission and direction in order to become a game changer for children and families.  You can also go to for more information. 

We would love for you to be involved in Gateway’s new direction, because it will take an entire network of dedicated people to build strong families, thus stronger communities. If you have any questions or would like to help us strengthen Alabama's foundation, please email  

Let's start building.


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