Gateway Financial Freedom

Alabama's most reliable and affordable financial counseling program, Gateway Financial Freedom (GFF) helps people get out of debt, avoid bankruptcy and learn to manage their money.  For more information and to schedule an appointment today, please call 205-251-1572.  

All services are strictly confidential and include:

  • Debt Management Plans (DMP), through which a family’s debt is analyzed and repayment plans are negotiated with their creditors. DMP clients make a single payment to GFF, which then pays creditors according to the negotiated agreement.
  • Budgeting – Trained and experienced counselors work with individuals and families to examine both revenues and expenses and to devise budgets designed to promote financial stability
  • Mortgage Counseling - Allows potential homeowners to plan for the mortgage process by analyzing current finances, identifying “red flags,” and planning future actions to prepare for home ownership.
  • Foreclosure Counseling – GFF staff members will advocate for clients at risk of foreclosure to determine what, if any, steps can be taken to prevent foreclosure
  • Lighten Up Loan Program - This new loan program rescues individuals and families from payday lenders and puts them on the path to healthy credit and financial success.  Participants receive free financial counseling, a comprehensive credit review, and budget plan from Gateway Financial Freedom.  The Alabama Central Credit Union grants a loan that pays off their existing payday loans.  Participants repay the credit union's loan over 12 months with affordable monthly payments.
  • Community Education - The staff of Gateway Financial Freedom provide financial education services to groups throughout the community.

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