Jackie Davis-Fowler

Jacquelyn “Jackie” Davis-Fowler started her experience with Gateway almost 40 years ago, in January of 1973, when she was the first African-American Social Work Field Placement Intern at Gateway.  After she graduated from the University of Alabama with a Master’s in Social Work, she was offered a job by Mary Edna Porter to help transition the Residential Program from an orphanage to a treatment program. She thought she would stay with Gateway for two years then move to other states to explore other opportunities.

Her most memorable experience at Gateway was when she received her first promotion to Director of Residential, becoming the first African-American Program Director for Gateway.  She was surprised with a promotion ceremony given by the staff.  Although that time was her most memorable and rewarding, the work was also her most challenging.  Jackie has been promoted several times during her tenure to her present position of Senior Vice President of Capacity Programs, directing the Psychiatric Under 21 (Residential)/Substance Abuse Program, Independent Living Program, Gateway Financial Freedom Program, Gateway Violence Intervention Program, Community Connections and Rushton School/Day Treatment Program.

Jackie started her undergraduate work at Tuskegee University as a Bio-Chemistry Major but she wanted to enjoy college life and thought she was spending too much time in the lab to do that! So her advisor suggested Social Work-Now she knows that’s just where God wanted her!

Jackie has continued to work with Gateway because she “can use her creativity and can create programs and services that children and family need”.

Jackie loves her community, is an active life-long member of Williams Chapel CME Church and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) Sorority.

Jackie has one son Farley Jamil and three grandchildren-Nigel, Makhi and Jalaya.

Her motto for life is, “Do your very best-some will see it and you will be elevated!”


1401 20th Street South
Birmingham, AL 35205
Gateway Family Resource Center
Fax: 205-510-2621