Foster Parent Kimberly Pickett

Kimberly Pickett has been a Gateway Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) parent with Gateway for four years.  She was named 2013 TFC Foster Parent of the year and this is what she had to say about her foster care parent experience:

"Being named Foster Parent of the Year is such a blessing and honor.  However, without the support of family, friends, church family, Gateway staff, and God’s guidance I wouldn’t be able to do what I do with confidence.  So, thank you.

When a friend opened her home to two foster children, I was inspired to jump in and help out.  I hadn’t heard much about foster children and was impressed with my friend’s generosity.  After prayer and some research, I decided to become a foster mom. 

As with most paths we walk, expect that challenges will occur but the joy in helping a child see what they can be and building law self-worth has so much value.  James 1:27 encourages people to take care of the homeless children.  They are our future.  I want to be an influence to help them to be responsible adults one day.  Thank you to all those that do the same."

Gateway appreciates the work of foster parents just like Ms. Pickett and the difference they make in a child’s life!

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