Priscilla Graven

Priscilla Graven has been a part of the Gateway team for nine years.  She is currently Director of Gateway's Violence Intervention Services (GVIP).  Priscilla previously served as Coordinator of GVIP. 

She came to Gateway when she moved back to Alabama after living in Baltimore, Maryland for 14 years.  She wanted to continue working in the field of domestic violence and had experience working with both adult and child victims as well as male and female perpetrators. Priscillia found work with batterers fascinating and very challenging. Right after she moved back to Alabama, she saw an opening at Gateway and applied!  It was perfect timing!

Priscilla most likes working with her wonderful co-workers. GVIP has a small staff who cooperates well to make good things happen to keep victims safe. They work hard and laugh every day and when there are problems, staff works through them together. She says, "I couldn’t work with a better team."

Gateway has always impressed Priscilla, though after applying for a job in the 1980's as a trainer, she ended up first working with the YWCA instead.  She says that Gateway provides so many wonderful services that support families and has very dedicated people who want to make a difference in people’s lives.

Her favorite Gateway memory is from Halloween here at Gateway a couple of years ago when there was a Halloween party and costume contest.  She says it was so good to laugh with co-workers and she won the prize one year as Jackie O.  Since everybody works hard, it was fun to relax together.

Aside from her hard work and dedication to Gateway, Priscilla loves to garden, decorate, and sew. She also enjoys traveling in the United States and overseas.

We are so lucky to have Priscilla Graven be a part of our awesome Gateway team!



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