What We're Reading

Sources and guidance based on science and medicine.

What We're Reading

Sources and guidance based on science and medicine.

COVID-19 hasn't gone away, but many restrictions on our activities have.  That leaves us all with decisions to make.  Gateway is basing our decisions on data and medical expertise.

The purpose of this page is to inform you of what we are reviewing as we operate during the global pandemic. We are continuously evaluating every aspect of how we support the health of our children, families, and foster parents, as well as our staff and their families.  

Based on the data, Gateway is not relaxing our response to COVID-19. Rather, we are taking the necessary steps to live and work in the time of the virus. Our motto is, Assume the virus, and act accordingly.” That means avoiding large gatheringslimiting activities, wearing facemasks in public, and continuing with handwashing and sanitizing at home.  

All Gateway staff are trained in universal precautions. That means we assume a risk of infection and take the steps necessary to reduce that risk and protect ourselves and those we serve. Living and working in the time of COVID-19 means extending precautions to everything we do.  

Along with monitoring information from the CDC, Alabama Department of Public Health, and the Jefferson County Department of Health, Gateway is reviewing the following sources and information:

Wear a mask. For your sake and everyone else's.

USA TODAY 4/27/2020: How to clean, reuse or hack a coronavirus mask:

Face masks of all kinds slow the spread of the virus by reducing how widely the wearer spreads germs by speaking, coughing or sneezing. Here’s information on the types of masks and how they can be cleaned, stored and reused safely.

Avoid activities and gatherings that put you at risk of infection.

CDC 3/15/2020: What we learned from a choir practice in Skagit County, Washington.

Knowing how the virus spreads can help you avoid the situations that put you at risk, or minimize your risk under certain conditions. This article from the CDC informs us a lot about how the virus spreads. Click the link below to find out more.

DR. ERIN BROMAGE 5/20/2020: Know the risks and avoid them.

This article explains what we know from science about how the virus spreads and how to avoid the risks.

Keep washing your hands. Remind others to do the same.

VIDEO: How to wash hands.

This one minute video from the World Health Organization can remind you how to properly wash your hands.

Stay informed on infection rates and what other Alabama experts are saying.

5/22/2020: Jefferson County Health Officer Dr. Mark Wilson extends closure of high-risk venues.

Watch Dr. Mark Wilson's press conference on the latest Jefferson County Public Health updates and Public Health Orders.

5/17/2020: Alabama Health Officer says "Numbers are not headed in the right direction."

People must remain vigilant and careful as more businesses reopen and people return to more normal activity, Alabama’s top public health officials say, because the threat from COVID-19 has not dissipated.

5/13/2020: Senator Jones updates constituents on federal COVID-19 response.

Thanks to our friends at the Rotaract Club of Birmingham and The Women's Network for making Senator Jones' legislative update available.

3/25/2020: UAB Medicine Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Michael Saag presents to Birmingham Rotary Club.

Dr. Michael Saag gives medical, personal and public policy insight in response to COVID-19.