Counseling Services

Central Alabama's solution to affordable therapy.

Counseling Services

Begin your journey towards healing and success.

Gateway therapists are ready to talk to you.  Our expedited scheduling system means quick access to the help you seek.  We offer high quality, affordable therapy for adults, children, couples and families to reach their visions of success.  From adults who simply need to talk to children and families recovering from severe trauma, we have successfully served thousands of people just like you.

Call or email us today to begin your journey towards healing.

Affordable therapy.

We provide counseling services on a sliding-fee scale, based on an individual's household income.  Thanks to community partners like the United Way of Central Alabama, no one is turned away due to inability to pay.

Gateway is one of the only providers in Central Alabama to accept Medicaid and most forms of private insurance.  We are also the only mental health provider in the state to also provide financial counseling if needed.

Convenient location.

Gateway's counseling offices are located in our main Southside Headquarters:

1401 20th Street South, Birmingham, AL 35205.