If your company, church/social/professional group, or family would like to provide substantial, vital, and on-going support for Gateway, there are several ways to accomplish that goal.

Sponsor a Cottage


There are 5 Cottages on Gateway’s Airport Highway Campus, each capable of housing 10 young people in need of intense treatment. Your gift could keep the lights on, provide linens, paper goods, and cleaning supplies, or refurbish one of them.

Sponsor a Program


If you remember how hard you struggled to make it on your own and you’d like to help a young person get out of “the system” and become a responsible adult, you may want to support the Independent Living Program. It costs Gateway approximately $500, shopping at thrift stores, to provide the basic items – used furniture, dishes, etc.) for a young person’s first apartment.

If your group is financially savvy, you might want to support the educational programs of the Gateway Financial Freedom service. Help these trained professionals teach community groups how to create and live within a budget, stretching every dollar to survive tough times and provide a safety net for the future.

Sponsor a Project


Our library is filled with castoff books from schools and public libraries that could no longer use them. The books are in bad condition and out of date for today’s teens. We have had expert help in designing a collection of relevant and appropriate books for our library…now, all we need is the money to purchase them.

Each year, we struggle to find school uniforms for the children/youth in our programs. How great would it be to match each child with a sponsor to provide at least one new uniform for the new school year?

If you think that every child should have presents on his/her birthday, pledge to support the Birthday Project to provide each child on our Residential Campus a gift or gift card for his/her birthday.

If you have ever been hungry or if you are grateful that you’ve never truly been hungry, support the afternoon snack project for Community Connections, our prevention program. Most of our program grants don’t allow us to purchase food, and we know that without us, some children will go hungry.

Let us know what touches your heart, and we’ll find the perfect match for you!


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