More than 15 years ago, Gateway recognized the direct correlation between student achievement and family success. We then pioneered a school-based mental health solution to help parents and teachers raise the next generation of successful, contributing adults. Appropriately named “Go2U School-Based Counseling,” Gateway’s program has represented a new direction for five school systems and hundreds of children. The results are game changing for the communities involved, with teachers seeing significant improvements in student behavior and learning abilities.  

Gateway’s Go2U School-Based Counseling program is one of Alabama’s most effective solutions for family development and children's mental health:

  • Since 2014, Gateway’s licensed therapists provided more than 2,000 hours of evidence-based, mental-health therapy to Woodlawn students.

  • The results are game changing, with 77% of teachers seeing improvements in classroom behavior and student learning abilities.

  • One Woodlawn resident said it best, “I have seen how Gateway school counseling is not only transforming families, but also my neighborhood.

  • By utilizing the industry’s cutting edge techniques, our therapists help students from one of Birmingham’s most impoverished, violent communities overcome the effects of trauma, poverty, family stress and mental illness.

Since 2001, Gateway’s Go2U School-Based Counseling program has helped children progress emotionally and academically in partnership with the following schools and school systems:

  • Shelby County Schools: K-12th grade 

  • Vestavia City Schools: K-12th grade

  • Alabaster City Schools: K-12th grade

  • Crossroads Alternative School in Hoover, Hoover City Schools

  • Oliver Elementary School in Woodlawn, Birmingham City Schools

  • Hayes K-8 School in Woodlawn, Birmingham City Schools

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