Independent Living

Gateway’s Independent Living Program

Through this program, we offer young adults the opportunity to learn about the world in a realistic, yet supportive environment. We provide the role modeling, life-skills training and assistance we hope will help these at-risk young people become contributing, stable adults. For general information and/or a referral, please contact our Centralized Intake department at 205-510-2755.

How It Works

  • Program participants live independently in agency-leased apartments.
  • Qualified Gateway staff provides regular life-skills training and support and is available 24-hours a day to provide emergency assistance.
  • Participants must be in school or employed, and must gradually demonstrate the ability to assume full responsibility for their daily lives.

Services Provided

In order to make the transition a successful one, participants must learn the skills they need to function in the adult world. To accomplish this and to help residents become independent and responsible adults, we offer a variety of educational programs designed to teach them the following:

  • Managing a budget
  • Seeking and holding a job
  • Learning how to use public transportation
  • Shopping for quality and value
  • Maintaining a clean living space
  • Planning and cooking nutritious meals
  • Establishing a community support system
  • Parenting for teen mothers and fathers

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