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Former Gateway foster youth Tracy Haynes said it best: "I graduated when I didn't think I could.  It took my foster parents to help me realize my untapped potential."  Haynes recently won Volunteer of the Year in Tallahassee and is a valuable member of his community, because ordinary people chose to do an extraordinary thing: foster parent with Gateway.

5,000 Alabama children are in the foster care system.
Gateway foster parents are part of a solution.

As the state’s leaders in therapeutic foster care, Gateway foster parents build Alabama children into strong, capable and contributing young adults.  They are game changers, leaders, role models and champions who never give up, because the children we serve deserve nothing less. Each foster parent is committed to providing the unwavering stability, security and unconditional love that it takes to unlock a child’s potential. This commitment extends to the child’s biological family when that is the child’s pathway to permanency.  The result is transformational, moving Alabama’s future leadership, workforce and communities forward.

In just one year, Gateway foster parents played a valuable role for Alabama's children, families and communities:

  • 13 children were adopted into forever homes.
  • 88 children returned safely to their families.
  • 41 foster youth got a job
  • 18 foster youth enrolled in college

Why foster parent with Gateway?

  • We have your back every step of the way: Gateway foster parents are the only ones in Alabama trained in the nation's leading trauma-safety model, The Mandt System.  Our foster parents also receive 40 hours of agency-sponsored training and on-going support to provide the best care possible for Alabama foster youth.  Additionally, our social workers work with you on a weekly basis to provide counseling, clinical intervention and 24-hour emergency support.
  • Responsive financial support: We know that providing financial stability for children is critical and expensive.  Gateway gives the most responsive financial child support to its foster parents, including mileage reimbursements, child clothing stipends, two free child transports per month and free access to Gateway's financial counseling services.
  • You unlock a child's potential to succeed: Can you imagine trying to focus in the classroom, build healthy relationships or succeeding at a job interview without knowing where you will sleep that night?  We can't either.  When you open your heart and your home to a child in need, you strengthen the foundation of his her her mental health, development and well being.   

Interested in foster parenting or ways to support foster youth? Click here.

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