Activities for parents and foster parents to enjoy with kids at home.

Kathryn R. O'Day, LCSW | March 15, 2020

Activities for parents and foster parents to enjoy with kids at home.

From virtual field trips to dance tutorials, make the most of this time to connect with your kids.

Schools are closed, life seems upside down, and families are suddenly faced with extended periods of time at home.  

Routines are very important in keeping a sense of normalcy and safety for both adults and children.  Experts are recommending parents keep children on their usual schedule as much as possible, setting aside "school time" at home.  To help parents and foster parents with this, we have created a list of online resources for you.  From virtual field trips to online drawing and dance tutorials, we hope you enjoy these kid-friendly ideas to help structure a school-like environment at home.

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Virtual Field Trips:

You and your kids can explore zoos, aquariums, museums and more from the comfort of your couch!  Check out this list of virtual field trips:

Educational Activities:

Kids are constantly learning, even when they are not in school. Scholastic has launched 20 days of online learning, reading and inspiration. Choose a grade level and get started!

  • Scholastic: 20 Days of Learning, Reading and Inspiration

Exercise Activities:

Search YouTube for your favorite type of exercise and get moving!  We bet you will find a Zumba, yoga or any other class you love.  Below are some kid-friendly favorites:


Use these resources to play games together online or around the dinner table.

Arts and Crafts:

Crafts are a great way to pass the time and champion each other's creativity.  Below are a few helpful resources, but Google or YouTube other possibilities!

  • Art for Kids: This YouTube channel has lots of drawing tutorials for you and your kids! Enjoy! 
  • Free Printables and Art Lesson Videos for Kids at Home: This website is sending parents free printable crafts as well as art lesson videos for kids online every day.  Click the link to subscribe. 
  • Oragami for Kids: There are lots of fun templates you can print and attempt to learn with your kids.  All you need is a few pieces of paper.