Gateway Staff #CareThroughCOVID: Heidi Hardman, LICSW

May 19, 2020

Heidi Hardman, LICSW

Intensive In-Home Services Supervisor

Gateway’s Intensive In-Home Services Supervisor, Heidi Hardman, has served children and families for more than 30 years, and she courageously leads her team as they #CareThroughCOVID.  She is a vital member of Gateway’s team who helps the Intensive In-Home Services team keep families safely together and reunify foster children to their biological families.  

Find out more about Heidi’s service as a Gateway staff since 2015 and through COVID-19: 

How long have you worked in foster care or child and family services?

I have been a social worker in the field of foster care and child welfare since 1986. Sometime in my early teens, I decided that I wanted to be a social worker to help those in need. I always felt that I had something in me to help children and families. 

Why do you work at Gateway?

I have worked at Gateway for almost five years. I work with Gateway because I believe that the services provided by Gateway help to keep families together as well as bring families back together. It is quite satisfying to be able to say that we are our families’ cheerleaders. 

What is your job?

I am currently a supervisor in the Intensive In-Home Services program. I supervise a team of 7 social workers as well as occasionally have cases myself. I love being able to interact with staff and find that I am constantly learning something new as well as learning new things about the Gateway and helping children and families. 

What is one thing you have learned in your service at Gateway?

I have learned about fantastic services that keep families together or bring them back together by working with DHR and the families themselves. I have also learned, or I should say been blown away by, how supportive the administration is to the staff as well as to the families we serve. 

What has it been like serving children and families at Gateway through COVID-19?

Due to the administration’s support of staff, it has been easier than I thought possible. Gateway has gone above expectations to meet the needs of the staff and the families that we work with. 

What is a piece of advice you would share with someone thinking about working in this field?

Just to know that you personally will be able to affect families in a positive way and that in itself is greatly rewarding. 

Join us in celebrating Heidi!

Thank you to Heidi for the positive difference she makes in the lives of Alabama’s children and families. Please join us in honoring Heidi Hardman for her 30 years of service and providing #CareThroughCOVID. 

Heidi Hardman, LICSW, Intensive In-Home Services Supervisor