Gateway Staff #CareThroughCOVID: Laura Angers, M.Ed., LPC

May 24, 2020

Laura Angers, M.Ed., LPC

Intensive In-Home Services & Shelby WRAP Supervisor

Over the last five years and through COVID-19, Laura Angers supports families with mental health services and parenting resources; prevents abuse and neglect; and reunifies foster children to supported, healthy families.  Laura now leads Gateway’s Intensive In-Home Services team, which has helped more than 2000 families stay safely together through in-home counseling since 2008.   

Laura is a vital member of Gateway’s team, as the needs of children and families do not stop during a global pandemic. 

Find out more about Laura’s service and leadership to her team, as they launch telehealth services and provide essential #CareThroughCOVID.  

How long have you worked in foster care or child and family services?

I've been working in foster care and child/family services for 8 years. My first job in the field was as a therapist at a group home for teen girls. I started working at Gateway in 2015 with the Intensive-In Home Services and Family Counseling team. 

What is your job?

I am the supervisor for Intensive In-home Services in Jefferson and Shelby Counties. My job is to support the direct service staff who provide crucial services that keep families together and prevent abuse and neglect.  

What has it been like serving children and families at Gateway through COVID-19?

I wasn't expecting to learn so much about humanity and the power of joining together. It never occurred to me that crisis would be the catalyst for growing closer to my staff and providing for families in new ways that we have never done before.  

Why do you work at Gateway, and what is one thing you learned in your service here?

There hasn't been any other organization I've worked for that cares like Gateway. This company cares about the families and children that we serve and about the people who work here.  

Gateway is an agency that wants to keep children safe and meet the needs of those we serve.  It is amazing what happens when we live out our motto of putting families first. 

What is a piece of advice you would share with someone thinking about working in this field?

If you have the drive to make a difference in the lives of our community, and if you want to love your job, try it out! My work has been nothing short of an amazing journey.  

Join us in celebrating Laura and her service, preserving and reunifying families!

Thank you to Laura for the outcomes she and her team make possible for children and families in crisis. We are grateful for your leadership and #CareThroughCOVID.

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Laura Angers
Laura Angers, M.Ed., LPC, Gateway's Intensive In-Home Services Supervisor