Participate in the Birmingham Connection Project!

June 08, 2020

Birmingham Residents, The City of Birmingham and Bham Strong need your stories.

Are you a City of Birmingham resident?  Do you want to assist The City of Birmingham in developing policy or programming to support residents and their families?  Apply to join the Birmingham Connection Program.

The City of Birmingham and Bham Strong are launching Birmingham Connection to learn more about how COVID-19 is affecting Birmingham residents.

Why is The City of Birmingham and Bham Strong doing this?

"We are doing this for two primary purposes: (1) connect people in our community during this time of social distancing, self-quarantining and isolation; (2) inform policy and programming to support or families and residents."

What are you signing up for?

"45 to 60 minutes of conversation per week for 4 weeks and a 30 minute introductory call. Conversations will [...] take place over video call or phone call. Conversations will focus on the following four topics: work & economic security, independence and community, power & leadership, stress & coping. You will be compensated a total of $50 for your time."

Apply or find out more here.