Remembering the Legacy of Jackie Davis Fowler, LICSW

December 11, 2020

Jackie Davis Fowler, LICSW

1951 - 2020

Gateway joins the familyfriends, colleagues, and former clients in mourning the loss of Jackie Davis Fowler, former Vice President of Community and Clinical Programs Jackie served Gateway children and families for more than 40 years, positively impacting generations of children, families, and staff.   

From the day she started at Gateway as a social work intern in 1974Jackie embodied Gateway’s mission and stopped at nothing to make permanency possible for children.  Longtime Gateway staffer and trainer Marvin Henderson recalls what he learned from her: 

“She believed every child is special and needs to be seen, heard, and loved.  When Mrs. Fowler walked into the room, every youth sensed her sincerity, compassion, and care for them.  They trusted her and knew they could count on her, says Marvin Henderson, “All of us should strive to be the same way.” 

Jackie would often refer to Gateway’s youth – no matter their age – as “my babies,” because she cared and advocated for them as if they were her own.  She went out of her way to find a child’s relatives or connect youth to positive adults who could give them a place to call home and sense of belonging.   

“To this day, we receive calls from former clients asking about Mrs. Fowler,” says Nikita Craig with Gateway’s Family Resource Center, “Her example forever changed the children we served, as well as the staff she supervised.” 

During her tenure, Jackie supervised, mentored, and led a countless number of staff, launching and shaping valuable careers in our field.   Mrs. Fowler’s legacy lives on through their work, both at Gateway and throughout the State of Alabama.  

Some people come into your life, and they leave a footprint on your heart – and your heart is never the same.  She was constantly providing on-the-job training by serving and teaching at the same time.  I am better because of knowing Jackie for 20 years, says Marvin Henderson.   

“She led by example,” says Nikita Craig, “No matter the situation, she would roll up her sleeves and do what she needed to do – even the small jobs.  It made me want to do my best, and it always stuck with me.” 

Cathy Jenkins, Executive Vice President at Gateway, recalls what it was like to work with Jackie: 

“Jackie’s door was never closed – she was never too busy for you.  She maintained a sense of calm in any situation, and you always knew she was listening to what you were saying.  Anyone she spoke with felt like they were the only person she was focused on helping at that time.” 

To this day, Cathy has an angel in her office that was given to her by Jackie.  Its message is consistent with the way Jackie lived: “Scatter Kindness.” 

Gateway is forever grateful for the impact Jackie Davis Fowler left on the children and families she served and the careers she shaped.  Please join us in honoring and remembering the legacy of Jackie Davis Fowler.

"Scatter Kindness."
This angel was given to Cathy Jenkins by Jackie Davis Fowler. It remains in Cathy's office today and has an engraved message: "Scatter Kindness."