Independent Living Program

Independent Living Program

Can you imagine being 18 without parents, a permanent home, or anyone to teach you how to become a successful adult? We can't either.

This program is a game changer.

The statistics on foster youth who age out of the child welfare system are staggering.  These youth are three times less likely to graduate from high school, and 40 percent will experience homelessness.  Gateway's Independent Living Program is a game changer for foster youth and exceeds national outcomes, helping them become healthy, successful adults.

How it works.

Foster youth ages 17-21 live in agency-leased apartments and learn essential skills such as budgeting, job searching, housekeeping, cooking, building healthy relationships and in some cases parenting.  With the help of Gateway social workers, youth in this program interview for jobs, gain employment and even enroll in college.  

Proven results.

Gateway youth transitioning out of foster care defy the odds, as this program outperforms similar programs across the nation:

  • 95 percent of Gateway ILP clients have earned their high school diploma or GED compared to 55 percent nationally.
  • 69 percent of Gateway ILP clients were working at age 19 compared to only 35 percent nationally.

Through this program, we offer young adults the opportunity to learn about the world in a realistic, yet supportive environment. We provide the role modeling, life-skills training and assistance that help these young people become connected, competent and contributing adults.