About Us

About Us

Gateway is a game changer for Alabama children and families.

Alabama families carry the state's largest responsibility.  They raise the best people to become connected, competent and contributing citizens.  At the end of everyone's workday, they return to where the real work begins.  It is the work that determines the strength of our communities.  It is the work that can move our state forward.

This belief is what founded Gateway in 1891, and it continues to be our "why" today.  Instead of thinking a problem was too big to solve, our founders courageously met the needs of homeless children on the streets of Birmingham by forming the city's first orphanage and human service agency.  One hundred and twenty-seven years later, Gateway operates as a fast-paced start up.  We are determined to pioneer leading-edge solutions for child and family success, because we know strong families move the needle in Alabama.  

Our method is simple.  We provide children and families with the proven tools to become connected, competent and contributing members of our communities.  These tools are based on leading-edge knowledge of the effects of trauma on the brain and behavior.  The result is transformational, delivering solutions for problems that most claim are impossible to solve.  

Take time to explore our website, outcomes and services to see how you can join us as a game changer for Alabama children and families.  

Big Award

One of Birmingham's finalists for best nonprofit.