About Us

About Us

Gateway is a game changer for Alabama children and families, as well as Birmingham's first and oldest social services agency.

Almost 130 Years of Innovation and Impact.

In 1891 and before they had the right to vote, a group of courageous women recognized the need to house homeless children and mothers on the streets of Birmingham. Significantly ahead of their times, they founded the city’s first orphanage and the beginnings of child and family services in Alabama. 

For the next 129 years, Gateway continued our founders' legacy of innovation and impact, rising to the challenges of the times and pioneering solutions for Alabama children and families.

Gateway Today.

Though a lot has changed since 1891, the why behind what we do remains the same.  Our founders had the foresight to know that family connections are fundamental to children's health, education, safety and financial stability.  Our mission is clear and simple: 

Gateway is a game changer for Alabama children and families.

Gateway's time, energy and resources are focused on helping every child flourish in a strong, supported, healthy family.  

What We Do.

Gateway has a lot of programs, but we will keep it simple:

  • Family Counseling
  • School Based Counseling
  • Foster Care

We provide foster care, family counseling and financial counseling services based in the latest knowledge of trauma, child brain development and behavioral healthcare.

Whether you need help or you are interested in our services, we hope you take the time to learn more about Gateway and how you can join us as a game changer for children and families.

Big Award

One of Birmingham's finalists for best nonprofit.