School-Based Counseling

Go2U School-Based Counseling

More than 75 percent of teachers see improvements in classroom behavior and performance thanks to Gateway school therapists.

Since 2001, Gateway's Go2U School-Based Counseling program is one of Alabama's most effective solutions for student mental health and academic achievement. Appropriately named “Go2U School-Based Counseling,” Gateway provides evidence-based mental health therapy to  students in local schools.  Our full-time therapists work hand in hand with school officials, counselors, teachers and parents to identify and treat mental health needs.  The results are game changing for families, schools and communities:

  • 77 percent of teachers see improvements in classroom behavior and student learning abilities
  • Student grade averages increased six points in one quarter
  • One Woodlawn resident said, “I have seen how Gateway school counseling is not only transforming families, but also my neighborhood."

Are you interested in having a full-time Gateway therapist in your school or supporting Gateway's school mental health initiative?  Contact Dr. Christy Atkinson at catkinson@gway.org or 205-790-0932.