Intensive In-Home Services

Intensive In-Home Services

Gateway is Alabama's most experienced and most effective provider of Intensive In-Home Services. Since 2008, Gateway IIHS Therapists have helped more than 2,000 families become independent, safe and positive households for children to thrive and develop.

Through an evidence-based curriculum, Gateway therapists provide mental health therapy to struggling families in their homes.  Our therapists also teach families essential life skills and parenting techniques to reach their full potential.  The result is transformational, giving parents the tools they need to help their children and families succeed in emotionally and financially stable households.

"This program helped me communicate better with my husband.  It has helped us resolve problems, respect one another and enjoy time with our children.  Gateway gave us hope and encouragement when no one else did."
Intensive In-Home Services Client

Children and families in this program are referred by the Department of Human Resources.  Thanks to this strong partnership, Gateway is able to help DHR in 41 Alabama counties reach its permanency goals and protect Alabama children from abuse and neglect.

How this program works

Step 1

Local DHR workers refer at-risk families.  

Children in foster care often say, "You did so much to help me, why didn't you help my parents?"  Being removed from biological parents causes intense trauma to a child's brain. Thus foster youth suffer from PTSD at seven times the rate of military combat veterans.  Though some children must be removed from the home for their safety, many parents simply need effective tools, education and support to successfully care for their children.

Step 2

Gateway IIHS specialists listen to and identify family needs.

Each family is different with its own needs and visions for success.  Our IIHS specialists visit families in their homes to identify the barriers that keep them from reaching their full potential.  Then our IIHS specialists help children and parents design their family's blueprint for success.

Step 3

Gateway IIHS specialists help families achieve their goals.

Our IIHS specialists continue to visit children and parents in their homes and provide trauma-informed counseling services.  They also teach parents essential skills to effectively raise a family:

  • Trauma healing and recovery
  • Basic living skills
  • Healthy parenting skills
  • Job preparation skills
  • Money management skills
  • Substance abuse prevention and intervention
  • Emergency housing, food and transportation
  • Health relationship skills
  • Community resource networking

Step 4

Children thrive in safe, independent and successful families.

Once parents have the skills, knowledge and resources to provide emotional and financial stability for their children, families are able to stay safely together.  Gateway works with DHR to ensure that children and families are still safe and successful.

Please note that Gateway works with DHR to put the interest of the child's safety first.  Gateway also provides loving foster homes for children from the hardest backgrounds of abuse or neglect.